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A Bio-Scrubber can, when combined with an aeration tank, absorb and biodegrade organic pollutants in exhaust gas in a cost effective manner. It also makes use of the abundant resources of the sludge produced in a sewage treatment plant. The equipment is easy and secure to operate and is especially suitable for removing complex odorous compounds.

Exhaust gas containing odorous organic pollutants enters the BioScrubber from the bottom and passes through first stage filtration and spray. Then, the gas goes through gas contributor formed in water-sealed floor and flows upward to second stage filtration and spray. After that, most organic pollutants are either washed into water or absorbed by activated sludge. At this time, the scrubber shuts all its outlets and all the gas is brought from bottom to the upper emission section for discharge, where a defogger is placed to prevent remaining odorous pollutants from re-entering the atmosphere along with fog.

The BioScrubber uses active aerobic activated sludge as scrubbing solution, which is able to absorb organic pollutants effectively. The spout can prevent blockage and spray liquid effectively and evenly. After being sprayed out, the activated sludge contacts with air, dissolves a large amount of oxygen while at the same time biodegrades the absorbed organic pollutants (especially acid pollutants). Organic pollutants that are not completely biodegraded will flow back to aeration tank along with activated sludge for further

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Bioscrubber Indonesia

Bioscrubber Indonesia

Bioscrubber Indonesia

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