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The BMBFH ! SERIES sets the standard for safety and ease of use in swing-bolt closure filter vessels. Incorporating the same low profile design as our state-of-the-art SE vessels, the BMBFH ! SERIES is built close to the floor, meaning less strain on the operator when it is time to change filter bags. The spring assisted hinge makes lifting the lid easy and individual bag hold-downs are provided for excellent sealing. Features include perforated baskets, a bead blasted finish, and an ASME “U”code stamp. The HE is available in either 304 or 316 Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel construction and is rated to 150 psi.

Eye Bolt Closure System - The user friendly, cost effective bag filter housing for high volume, multiple applications and processes.

  • The bag filter housing is designed with a proven swing eye-bolt or segment clamp closure mechanism.

  • Unique 3-point hold down or bayonet fittings ensure high quality of seal between each filter bag and housing body. Special tool (supplied) ensures simple, effective operation.

  • A counter-balanced spring assisted cover-lifter balances the cover perfectly giving it a weightless feel. Opening and closing of the cover with the "little finger" is a reality.

  • Positive O-ring sealing offers easy and safe operation.

  • Side inlet and bottom outlet provides easy and full drainage, tangential outlet option available to reduce housing height.

  • Available in carbon steel or Type 304 or 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.

  • Housing volume is optimized to minimize product loss.

  • 6 standard sizes with 4 through to 24 bag housings available (size 02).

  • Drawings available on request


  • Wastewater

  • Spray Nozzle Systems

  • Heat Exchanger Protection

  • Cooling Towers

  • Boiler Feed Water

  • Machining Fluids

  • Deep Well injection

  • Descaling Systems

  • Lube Oil Systems

  • Irrigation

  • Paper Coating

  • Refining

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