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Biomicrobe SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) system provides an effective and economical solution for the treatment of various types of wastewaters. The fill-and-draw SBR process has been well proven over many years and is now further refined through the use of modern electronic probes and process controls.  Consistently high removal rates are obtained allowing regulatory effluent discharge requirements to be reliably met.  Our pre-packaged plug-and-play plant control room makes on-site plant deployment a simple and straightforward task.   Ideally suited to remote installations where on-site works must be minimized.




The Biomicrobe SBR process is simple, robust and reliable mobile sewage plant.  

The key system element is a single bioreactor chamber where the wastewater is biologically processed in batches.  Incoming wastewater passes through a debris removing screen and flows into the receiving balance tank.  At the start of each batch cycle, the balance tank is emptied into the bioreactor tank where the sequential process allows effective BOD oxidation, nitrification, denitrification, settling and clarification to occur.  


The process can be described as follows: 


  • Fill Phase

  • Oxidation Phase

  • Settle Phase

  • Decant Phase

  • Waste Sludge Phase



Effluent stored in the receiving tank can be further treated to achieve a higher level of water quality.  An optional ultraviolet sterilization module followed by a chlorination system ensures the effluent is pathogen free.  Media filtration can be incorporated where a higher clarity is required.  Ultrafiltration membranes provide an extra pathogen protection barrier allowing the treated effluent to conform to class A+ levels.



  • Educational institutions and healthcare applications

  • Hotels, labour and refugee camps, parks and military bases

  • Mining remote sewage plants

  • Oil and gas remote sewage plants

  • Building complexes (Offices, Shopping Centers, Small Township)

  • Industrial wastewater,  like food and beverage application

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